Ivona M. / Croatia
Because of Mr. Ahmed I’m happy, motivated, full of faith in a better tomorrow, and I’m not afraid that I will not be able to accomplish my goals. He helped me find a job and he motivated me to work on my education. Thank you for that.


Stefan H. / Germany

I was looking for a new opportunity and found a great role. Another recruiter said that I might be inexperienced, so I never thought they l would pick me. Thanks to his comprehensive preparation and his support during the assessment I could manage it.  Due to his help I can be very happy about having a new, challenging job.

Pavel G. / Moscow, Russia

Had the pleasure of being under Kayes’ guidance. He provided full support, explanations and tips as well as very useful links for self study. He helped me to prepare for all rounds of interviews which resulted in me getting the job. Kayes is a great consultant with extensive knowledge and experience, I would recommend Kayes to anyone who wants to get their dream job.

Ernst M. E. / Greece

Kayes is the most competent consultant I ever met, competent, emphatic, supportive and motivating. I felt very secure with his support. In my search, he will always get priority. 

Bernhard A. R. / Germany

I was impressed about his way to provide very detailed and straight forward information about different opportunities. Eventually Kayes offered me a great opportunitie at Google to the right time on a contract basis ! Thank you very much Kayes !

Rene S. / Germany

Kayes support is outstanding. I can rely on you 100 %. You are fantastic and you know how to go the extra mile for person like me. It is always nice to speak to you. Thanks for your effort and that you believe in me.  For me it is more like a friendship than anything else and I am very grateful for that. Thank you.